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I just have a few things to say about this drama thus far 1. So far it's wonderful (ep 4) 2. Most of the characters are lovely, even the "bad" people are kind of okay 3. I like ot when there are lots of actors from other dramas 4. At first I thought the concept was dumb, but I'm excited about it 5. I feel like the hypothyroidism is a cop out for the condition of her body, but people do have it so whatever 6. I lived in Korea and I've seen natives way fatter than her, but again, whatevs 7. I like that they're not just making her diet and exercise, but that overall health and lifestyle changes are being addressed 8. I like all the complicated secondary aspects of the drama like: the asshole dad who really isn't an asshole but because of societal expectations and culture is unable to properly love his son or get over losing his first wife and therefore has unrealistic expectations of his son who is obviously suffering from childhood trauma that has gone untreated; the overbearing grandmother who only sees him and because she is a matriarch cannot properly love her son or afford the other people in his life much grace or affection; the pitiful second wife who only wants validation from her husband and mother-in-law; the half brother who I've only seen for 10 seconds, but who I feel so badly for because of the shitty life he must have due to the aforementioned issues... 9. I live for all the issues in number 8 There is 1 thing I don't like:
10. HENRY LAU IS ANNOYING AF I seriously hate characters that switch between English and Korean mid sentence. It's irratating and unnatural. Please choose one, that is not cute. Sorry, not sorry.
I read some other cards and decided to tag others who are watching, as well as @kpopandkimchi because she is my k-drama bae. @Chrissy2009 @jamimilsap @stacyneroland @MarquesFuqua @hyunsaeng638 @JanetLeonardo91 @YvonJerzak @tusarika @shannawi @Journ505
yea, this drama is amazing, when you think it can't get any better the executive and producer just blow your mind, epic showing.
@IMNII she eats a TON. snacks, fatty foods, HELLA sugar
I love this drama so much lol Henry is one of my favorite characters. He's so adorable and funny!
As a fatty, I enjoyed that they made the lead look somewhat "normal fat looking" she is beautiful either way. She had a legit reason for making a lifestyle change. I feel you on Henry being annoying. It's like watching a Spanish soap with the characters speaking in English. I feel bad for the half bro. This drama is good so far. 馃槉
i hope you will enjoy it too like i do
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