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Anybody else craving the Spring as much as me?
This Roberto Callegari stunner has the structure and beauty of a Winter choker and the whimsy of Spring as this enormous bejeweled monarch butterfly spreads it's metallic wings to take flight amidst a wind stroke of network diamonds!
It's got the blushy pink and maroon colors ready for next season and the glint of sparkle that mimics a noon reflection on icy snow. The duality of seasons in one necklace is staggering. I'd love to see this on a bride in a low-cut bustier type bodice gown. Or even a mother of the bride could wear this and own the room!
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Roberto Callegari makes some of the most stunning jewelry known to man. I am glad that you like this so much @jazziejazz
omgosh I love butterflies... this is beautiful!!!