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So I asked my friend (She doesn't listen to kpop) to pick her fav from SEVENTEEN and Exo based on the 2 pics I sent her. She chose Dino for Seventeen
And our squishy D.O for exo
Your friend must like cute adorable ones LOL Me too they too cute tho <3
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@sarangseoltang Yeah she does. I'm in luv with hoshi, seunkwang , Kai and sehunπŸ˜‚ I'm not good at picking biases
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@Marblue143 You're not alone my bias in Seventeen so far is Joshua, Mingyu, Woozi, and Hoshi LOL I Cant decide just one
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@sarangseoltang The worst part is that jeonghan and Joshua are starting to ruin the top 2 I have πŸ˜₯😭
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@Marblue143 *pats shoulder* I understand LOL It's hard trying not to choose like seriously all of them XD
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