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Hello, everyone! My name is Dani, and I'm the Funny Community moderator. Since I started in July, I've seen this place blow up, and it's been so cool being able to make friends from all over the world - especially since this IS the Funny Community, so we're always laughing!
Lately, there's been a huge amount of fandom-related cards in Funny - which is awesome, but can also be super, super alienating for people who aren't a part of the fandom and don't really 'get the joke'. I'd really prefer this to be an inclusive environment for everyone, SO I'd like to make a little suggestion for anyone posting K-Pop, Anime, Marvel, etc. content here:

Please keep your Funny cards from getting TOO fandom-heavy.

Example: Everyone knows who Pikachu, PSY, and Ironman are, so this community would love your Pikachu, PSY, and Ironman-related memes. However, if these jokes are jokes that people outside of your fandom (ie: your 9th grade English teacher) wouldn't understand, they're probably better suited for more fandom-specific communities.

Remember, we want to give EVERYONE an opportunity to laugh! Inside jokes would do much better in fandom-related communities!

If you have any questions about the Funny Community or just want to say hello and share some ideas, feel free to pop a message over to me or my moderator support, @InPlainSight.
I like this card. I understand exactly what you are saying!
Awesome. Thank you for writing this card. Def necessary!
:D Great card, thanks for the share. I definitely get this. <3
@LAVONYORK we'll keep an eye on it! :D
@Alletaire holy hell nope
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