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Would you rather tell Jimin he's beautiful or tell Jin he's not boring?

To me this one was so easy because Jin already knows he's not boring, so why would I inflate his ego further by telling him something he already knows? And if you think I'm lying then I want you to explain to me why a man who thinks they're boring would videotape themselves eating food and post it in the internet. *raises eyebrow* See? I rest my case.

I would rather tell Jimin he's beautiful.

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I really want to tell Jin he's not boring... but honestly, I think he knows that; even if he doesn't, he has so much confidence already which is a great thing 😂. I'll tell Jimin he's beautiful. Let's be honest, even if Jimin is not your bias or ranked #1 in looks, you can't deny how beautiful he is. Like, seriously? C'mon lol
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Lets be honest here does Jimin really need to be told he is beautiful? No. I mean come on he has the ass of a GOD and he use to have chocolate abs!! I rest my case. I think ill tell Jin that he is not boring.
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I'd tell Jimin he's beautiful. Like, Idk, I feel like he doesn't hear it enough and could stand to hear it more often. He may not have jams but at least he's beautiful. ❤️
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of course I'm feeding jiminies ego. ..i love seeing him smile CX
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