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How can he be ridiculously goofy and so damn sexy at the same time?
The selfie game is strong with this one...
And he's killing me with every selca. 💕
This made me smile all the way to the end >.< but TBH these selfies look legit enough to trick my friends on saying he's my boyfriend xD to only my non kpop friends that is.... xD xD
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He is just to freaking cute love the pictures😆😆 he is such a ball of fun if you are having a bad day he will definitely put a smile on your face.
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You guys will never know how hard I laughed when I hit that first picture of him with the mustache glasses XD (because Its like serious picture, serious picture, serious picture, oh look....The chill has been eliminated! !)
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Do you ever just casually sit down and decide hmmm these waffle crackers look good let me eat one then open a card to find Jiyong selfies then choke on said waffle crackers and nearly die.....yeah that just happened I was not prepared for this😂😂😂
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i love gd ao handsom and i was giggling looking at these i love them
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