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So true. I started a VIP and that's how I plan to end. Even being an ARMY, iGot7,Exo-L or any other fandom, im a loyal VIP forever. Before people talk about how GD doesn't acknowledge how other artists write their own music also and about 2ne1's Park Bom scandal, think about how these artists helped your bias. Example: -BTS jimin's role model is Taeyang -BTS jungkook's role model is GD -Got7 BamBam's role model is GD -Block B's U-Kwon's role model is Taeyang -BTS V's role model is TOP -Winner's role model is GD #VIP #UntilWhenever #Kings
Sorry if you disagree with my opinion but it is my opinion so....yea. If you wanna hate on me then do it but I don't want to start any fan wars or anything so don't take it out on Big Bang VIPs or talk trash on Big Bang.