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I just couldn't get enough of this drama ^_^ the actors played their parts so well and the story that followed was flawless! a group of friends who were living in the young ages as they aged but sooner or later had to grow up some day ^€^
best song out of the drama ^€^ this song always had me dancing everytime it came on :D
another 2 great songs that played :D the guitarist of cn blue can act so well :D
High High was my ring tone on my old phone
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I love this drama so much that I watched it 4 times cx
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@RaquelArredondo lol it made me happy everytime high high came on lol but the ending made me happy everyone was happy :D
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@EmilioTrevino hahaha I love that song!! Kim Tae Woo! The ending was good :D it was cute ^^
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