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Taylor Swift isn't out of the woods yet!

Taylor Swift has one more major music video set to release on New Year's Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Swift has been notorious for releasing her new videos on major events to maximize viewership. Her last big hit to turn into a breathtaking music video was "Wildest Dreams". Before that was "Bad Blood", "Style", and "Blank Space". There's no answer as to whether this will be it for Swift's music videos derived from her insanely successful pop album '1989'. However, Swift has mentioned plenty of times in the media that she realizes her fans need a break from her and that everything needs to come to an end. Though her previous music video "Style" showed a ton of symbolism referencing "Out Of The Woods", Swift could take a completely separate approach. The video was filmed in New Zealand on the beach which will make for gorgeous scenery. The song is about her ex boyfriend Harry Styles who Swift has indirectly explained in interviews that he always made her anxious and unsure with how the relationship was going. They were as Swift called it, "two paper airplanes flying" which is a reference to the paper airplane necklace Styles famously gave her as a gift of affection. Though most publicity in recent weeks have shifted to fellow superstar Adele, there is no doubt that 2015 was Taylor Swift's big year. With hundreds of celebrities from all industries popping up in her shows to millions of fans selling out the biggest arenas in the world to come watch her perform, she shined brighter than anyone else. Swift has successfully become the pop icon of this generation with an album that will be celebrated for years. Ironically, "Out Of The Woods" comes at a perfect time because fans are really coming out of the woods you could say now that the year of Taylor Swift is finally coming to a close. It was a great year!

Will you be tuning in to watch her new music video?

TS always releases some amazing music & her videos are twice as amazing. Can't wait to hear her talk about her ex-boyfriend. Her lyrics are usually pretty relatable @ButterflyBlu
I'm always curious to see her videos because they're stylistically beautiful and unique, always interesting. @nicolejb @allobaber @jordanhamilton did you see this? Are you excited? (Who am I missing here?)
Maybe @KatieRussell @carolinian87 @sbrisita @AndeePierce are any of you T-Swift fans?
Ohhh this is going to be good. I'll admit I wasn't a fan of her last music video, but I really like this song so I'm excited to see what she does! :D Hmmm I'll see if we are missing anyone @butterflyBlu