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omfg i saw the tweet but u all know the translations smh but thank u for tagging like i had the idea what he was saying but this translation made me all smiley lol
Sometimes I think these boys are too dedicated… but I understand having been in similar situations. I just wish they'd worry more about themselves
I'm really happy he is okay. he makes me worry so much. the words stop and slow down aren't in his vocabulary. he works so hard
but I guess it's really hard for him to see through our perspective since his he's always been working hard for us..
I'm glad he's in but oh my lord him and Tae both just about gave me a heart attack when I read about them being in the hospital. I know he says he's ok but I still think both him, Tae and well all the boys need some rest. They have just been on go go go since the album release if not longer and should take sometime to stop and smell the roses.
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