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here's a step by step version on how I drew this starting from the sketch! I thought I'd switch things up a bit this time. Apologizing in advance cuz this looks gross. I had the most horrible cough ever and some lines are ugly...
If you use references (like me) for these shots make sure to have the picture near by (for this case I didn't, but OK) and begin to sketch. I don't know about you guys but I am a firm believer not erasing that much when I'm sketching.
After sketch is done I like to ink and fix any spots that I feel that need more darker areas (I'm talking about them eyelashes he's so known for).
Erase any unnecessary lines. I have kept all lines in which shadow will go: face, hair, hand, eyes. with my handy dandy gum eraser I will make those lines left behind lighter so that there are no marks once I shade in.
I like the monochromatic manga style look so I will stick to only black and white and shades of grey. I'm using a very light shade of grey for all the shadows except on the eyes. I'm right handed so I like to start on the left side of the drawing because no accidents happen that way. you all see the writing over there on the corner? I like to take notes on which shade I use where because God knows I forget things SO fast.
on to the eyes: so on the original he's on PERFECT COPY mode so his eyes are literally asdfghjkl (that means they are super gorgeous). [and yes I dug through a bunch of photos of Kise to find the original *sigh*] to "copy" (get it? I'm not funny lol inner Izuki came out) the glowing feel I am using 4 different shades on grey; which looks like:
...this. I also added some minor details and extra shading. I had already made the rim of his eyes black so just go from the lightest to darkest shade of grey and work your way to blend it with the black.
«{by the way: you're a L I A R if you say that his eyes on Perfect Copy mode are not the most mesmerizing things you've ever seen. oh and, he looks like a damn Cyborg, which makes me want to draw him and Genos in the same drawing}»
this is the point where I get my ruler and go all geometric with the lines. Try not to follow a specific pattern, cuz that's boring. no pencil needed, just let your hand roam free..or my hand, whatever. I make sure to use my gum eraser after I'm "done" to remove any pencil left behind; then if I remember I sign it lol
And voila! finished! Let me know if anyone would like to see more step by step and tips on how I draw characters. Kuroko no Basuke: Kise Ryota Filter: Strange
@SeoInHan lol, I am also pretty much a replica of Akashi when I get upset, but other than that I have no idea why I hate him SO VERY MUCH...
@SeoInHan well it might help to explain that my personality is a mix of Kuroko and Midorima with a touch of Momoi...
AMAZING drawing, but that Damn copycat annoys the hell out of me!
what exactly did you use for the shading? was it a screen tone sheet or a marker?
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