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So far this year, we've had cheeseburger-flavored Goldfish crackers, funnel cake-flavored soda, and Russian Roulette-style Doritos. However, not to be outdone, Pringles has come out with a strange new flavor of its own.

Yes, hot dog-flavored Pringles are here. And people are actually eating them.

Currently, they've only been spotted at Walgreens so far, but it hasn't stopped 'foodie' bloggers and teenage stoners alike from hunting them down. So far, reviews are mixed - although many who've tried it seem to agree it really somehow tastes like hot dogs!
Surprisingly, many people on social media have spoken up and said that Pringles isn't the first one in the States to come up with a hot dog-flavored potato chip. In fact, if you don't live by a Walgreens and want to give this a shot, 7-11 has a Big Bite Hot Dog potato chip that YouTubers have been 'taste challenging' for quite a few months now.

With that being said, what do YOU think about the hot dog potato chip trend? Would you try either of these, or does the thought of them only turn your stomach?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more weird products that you can buy, feel free to follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection.
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No!!!! No no no no no no no no no no! The fact that this exists is a complete puzzle to me
@MattK95 HAHA I saw Butter Caramel Pringles a few days ago too, and I was like ewwww.
@danidee that sounds horrible, I can't imagine that tasting good...I suppose it could be useful if you want the guests to leave, break out the weird Pringles flavors XD
@MattK95 Lol, you know me. Always wanting to chase people out of my parties.
hell no I hate hot dogs but I do love pringles