@AudreyJelly @Mikim000 @luna171 @VeronicaArtino @Helixx @AudreyJelly summi p.o.v "hello are you summi?" I voice said I turned around to see a man that's really tall with a sweet looking face and smile and gives off a motherly aura. "um yes who are you? " I asked the man before giving him the chance to say anything else how does he know my name stalker?. "my name is jin I live where your working at" he said with a smile. "where I'm working?" stalker I thought to myself I start to back up from him hoping he doesn't notice. "hahaha" a small laugh escapes from his mouth is he laughing at me? this.... this...this.. stalker! I start to run when I heard him yell. "your working for my father" I halt turning around at his words I look at him he starts walking up to me and leans to look at my face his beautiful dark brown eyes looked warm and trust worthy getting lost in them I felt him touching my hand I look to see he picked up my bag and said "here I'll help you with this" he said lifting my bag for me to see "follow me I'll take you to your new home" he told me. later ~ "are we there yet how long does it take to walk" I said beating my legs from the pain " man for a rich person this guy doesn't have a limo or a car to drive us tch" I said "well my father likes privacy and exercise" jin said " omo did I say that out loud" I thought great summi piss off the rich guy son check I hope he doesn't deduct pay off of that. "where here " I heard jin say from afar I keep walking until I see him I looked up to see.
A beautiful house with a garden of different colors "it looks like a fairy tale" I said to myself I stop to admire the scene I looked at jin who seem to be looking at me but turned his head I ignore it and continue to look around. "Hyung~"I look to see a boy with a cute sounding voice with a slight accent said running towards jin. "Hyung~" he hugged him " hyung did the new maid come" he asked jin "new maid is he talking about me?" i thought to myself jin then pointed towards me the boy then looked and came running towards me giving me a big hug saying "Nonna hi my name is taehyung" he said as he let me go looking into my eyes "uh hi taehyung nice to meet you I'm summi" i said he looked at me and smirked leaned into my face and said "you can call me tae" in a sexy deep sultry voice. i backed away startled looking at him in shock "wasnt he acting like 5 years old a min ago" i thought to myself, he looked at me and laughed "noona its a joke~" and started to run off i stood there shocked until a voice woke me from the trance. "don't worry about him he does that" a deep yet soft voice said i looked and saw a pink? hair boy with soft looking milk like chocolate skin and dimples. "he's 19 and act likes a baby but when he's around a woman he likes to tease he did that with the last girl" he explained "your the new girl right" he asked and looked at me I nod my head to answer unable to focus because on what happened he told me "if you ever need you know something" he darted his eyes at me "Anything at all ....come find me" he stated and started to walk away. "don't mind him he's just like that" min walked up to me and said "come on lets go" he said pulling me whats with him whats with them somethings weird.
A/n that's weird what's wrong summi? later~ "here we are your room" jin told me I walk in to see a beautiful queen size bed a tall ceiling with a crystal chandelier a door that looks like it could lead me to Narnia and a fire place that looks good for peaceful reading admire the room I sense something watching me I look to see jin staring at me. "w..what?" I asked him confused he snapped out of his state and said. " 어 uh it's nothing" he said I looked at him he started to look sick and worried I was about to say something until he stopped me. " I won't be able to give you a house tour but I'll tell my brother too" he said "please tell me it's not t..taehyung right no offence but... um" I trailed off he started to laugh slightly and said "no my other brother there are 6 of us...well 5 at the moment. he told me "what happened to the 5th one" I asked Jim looked at me with anger and pain in his eyes I stood there slightly frightened at what he did he notices and softened his look and told me "ah...he's in the hospital..." he said looking away "oh I'm so sorry" I said " no...he's fine..well..sort of... never mind I'll tell my brother suga to come give you a tour you can stay in here for the mean time" he said as he shut the door. "I hope I didn't make him mad and what kind of name is suga?" I thought to myself I start to unpack my bags and set them in places where they should "i wonder what the rest of them are like" I started to think as I sat down on my bed "I hope there nice people" I said as I started to lay down starting to falling asleep "I hope there good people" I said as I drift off to dream land.
??? p.o.v "is she settled " he asked me "네 father" I said to him "have she meet the others?" "아니요 she hasn't she only meet taehyung and rapmon" I explained to him "okay good have she learned the ruled yet? " the question I was waiting for. "no I'm letting suga handle it" I told him " you know jin what happened to the last girl your brother helped right" he got up and walked towards me (flashback) "No.... stop not her she's innocent not her stop please " I yelled at him to stop I see my brother looking at what was happening in shock unable to move. " you.... know what you have done now she and him will pay" he said pointing the gun ath the girl and my brother "No!!!" I said running protecting my brother *boom* "now you know what will happen of you do this again" he dropped the gun and left I was 15 that day he was only 14 the girl was like our older sister only 18 she died that day only to be found 3 weeks later by police. (end) "so you do understand" he said patting my head then hugged me. "네 father"
*sounds of foot steps running* "Hey!!" "살려주세요!!" "Summi no stop!!" "살려주세-" *boom* "Summi!! No!!!" *gasp* I woke up breathing heavily from Tue nightmare I had " w..water" I murmur from my sleepy self to go find the kitchen. I walk down the hallway trying to fond the kitchen "why is this place so huge" I said as I bump into a hard figure. "ouch" I exclaimed I look up to see a young looking face he looks strong but soft hearted and sweet I get up and say "I'm sorry?" "jungkook watch where your going next time" he said as he bumped my shoulder and started walking . "geez what's his problem" I thought until I heard "oh by the way watch your back" he said and left