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Tomorrow is going to be freezing cold, even colder than today
please keep yourself warm
grab the jacket
and blanket
everything you could
to stay warm...♡♡♡♡
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@KwonOfAKind He was doing movie film at that time, it was freezing cold, after Cut all the staffs were passing him the jacket and blankets to keep him warm.😂😂😂😂such a good actor!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@VeronicaArtino is freezing cold at CA today😫😫😫😫
2 years ago·Reply
that is awesome lol😆😆
2 years ago·Reply
Poor baby! *throws all the blankets at him* It snowed and then changed to freezing rain here so blankets are my best friends right now.
2 years ago·Reply
Awwww. I can't handle the cold either.
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