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soooo I've been on Vingle for a month or two now and I feel like I never seen anything dedicated to Teen Top. Teen Top is my bias group so I am sad there isn't a lot on here for them. They're super talented guys and I feel like they are often over looked! crazy right?! anyway I thought I'd start making some cards for them.
you're welcome ;)
fair warning: I'm not good with technology (or with being funny) so if things turn out weird or a little off...sorry ha. I'll try my best!
I hope this gets more angels to gather here and support Teen Top!! I'd also love to talk to some other angels! let's get to know and lean on each other! :) especially since their comeback is in January!!
that's all for tonight!! thanks lovelies!! xoxo
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@luna1171 if you don't want me to that's chill too haha no pressure
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@kkellymeyer ..no I do of course.. I do.. I like to post new stuff in my Kpop + collection.. that's where I usually post all groups and stuff about kpop.. is OK with me.. then for BigBang BTS and GOT7 I have a separate collection those are my main groups..so is ok with me I post about all in anyway.. cool.
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@luna1171 ha ok sounds good then :)
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yeah theres like a bunch of exo, bts and got7 from what ive seen. Im not complaining lol.
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@XionHeart haha yeah don't get me wrong I love me some Exo, bts, and got7. (honestly who doesnt?) I just want Teen Top to get some more love :)
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