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V and Suga have been thoroughly examined in S.Koreas Hospital and showed no signs of abnormality The other members have also been checked and showed no signs of bad healt as well....The guys have decided to continue with Fan Signings, Fan Meetings and End Of The Year Awards and End Promotions for there Newest Albums etc. Armys plzz show lots of support and love to BTS...and lets hope V and Suga make a Healthy Fast Revovery and for them to get Well Soon Oppas plzz do get well soon but dont over work yourselves and get plenty of rest as well 사랑해요!! 오빠 ❤❤
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Suga and V please get well soon and I hope you guys feel better and please don't try to do too much get some rest lto feel better. I love you both so much I don't want anything bad to happen to you guys. I hope you guys feel better real soon. I'll pray for you guys every day because that's how much I care about you guys getting better.❤❤❤