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Okay guys so I've been gone for a good while.. and I do apologize so much life has happened to me my break up, getting a new job that take my time away I work 1230-930pm, have my car towed, having a new crush just to realize he doesn't like Asian girls ugh so much has happened.
but I'm still around but not around if you tag me in something there is a 99% change I am looking at it just not able to respond cause we aren't suppose to have our phones on us... but I'm on mine anyways LOL but please keep me updated just because I don't comment like I said I will still look at it just coming around to comment I might forget or I haven't gotten to it yet
so I'm sorry for being gone and I will try to be more active again even though there seems to be a ton of new people and I'm sorry if I come off as awkward again just gotta get use to everything again
so to all the new people hi I'm Kristine! and it's great to meet yall :3
@ninjamidori thank you!! 😊 you are so kind😍
😊💛💛💛 don't worry about it!!!! Do whatcha gotta do ☺️✨👍 we're always here for you when you need us!!! 😄💛💛
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