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1)I would do neither, I ❤ both my oppas 2)Re-Dye V's hair...I dye my hair and i wanna be a hairor stylist and stuff and yeah 3)Fight Suga...IDKY 4)Jin know's hes not boring and Jimin knows he's bootyful so yeah 5)Fight V 6)Dance of w/ Cuddle Mon LOL 7) feels awkward writing the whole answer out so yeah >_< 8)Punch neither i would probably die if i did they're to beautiful 9)Rap Mons Jams 10)Nethier 11)Party w/ Cuddle Mon 12) Jin the Mom 13)NamJin as parents...I would probably have a HUGE A** CRUSH on my parents 14)Ask Jimin Anything 15)Cuddle w/ Suga no explanation needed 16)Netheir i Dispise 1D and Kanye West but if i have to pick I'll chose Kanye West 17)Married to Jungkook 18)Jimin as personal Motivator 19)Dance w/ J-Hope...Duh or probably both idk???