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Hi everyone! New K-Drama Mod here!
I'm really excited to be mod this quarter, so I want to start off with an awesome event for all of us. It's about time with pick:

Vingle Kdrama's Official Man Crush!

Hey Hey Participate:

- Each Monday in January, starting January 4, post a card about your Man Crush!
- Each Monday can be a different crush, or you can do the same person over again.
At the end of the month, I will round up all the Crushes and we will vote on who is the official Vingle Kdrama Man Crush.
That person will get an entire day dedicated to them in the community^^
(Official Vingle Man Crush annoucement will be Friday 1/29, and we will dedicate 2/1 to them!)

Who is in?!

I'M IN!!! now I can post all of my men!! hahahaha.
count me in. I'm super excited
I'm in
I'll do this!
Everytime I try to post my card, it pretends it's going to and just stops. :( Might not be able to do it after all... I'll keep trying though!
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