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My little fangirl heart is going to explode...
Did anyone else notice the chick sitting on the ground behind Suga, looking at her phone like she's oblivious to the amazingness happing in that room? I'm so sorry you have such a terrible job that you have to hang around these 7, zany specimens so often that you find their antics boring. I will happily trade jobs with you.
This one has some repeats of the first video, but there are other gems in here... like Jimin imitating Taeyang. *dies*
Now, if BIGBANG and BTS perform together, I'm pretty sure planets will collide and that will be the end of things... at least for me.
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@Valerie816 I'm so happy I'm not alone in my enjoyment of this.
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Those videos were hilarious I would love for them to have a joint concert it would be fun times馃槅馃槅
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loved this! and I agree...if they performed together... X.X talk about an AWESOME show
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These all made me smile
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Let them perform together!! Let them perform together!! Let them perform together!!!
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