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taehyung oppa saeng-il chugha haeyo~!!! 생일 축하 해요 happy birthday tae oppa n yes Ik his b-day is on the 30 but in the us it's the 29 but over in Korea it's already the 30 so yea haha I made an early one of my hubby taetae
ur smiles always brightens up my day day n I'll never forget tat~ ur special n unique in ur own way do listen to wat others say ur special n we army's luv u fo tat ur one of the cutiest bias person I have ever liked Ik I may have other bias but ur always first my nickname n middle name is named after u haha (tae) haha but Bangtan is always wth u n so is army ur special to all of us forget wat haters say thy wanna be hatters let thm be but thy don't now wat thy r messing wth thy mess wth u boys thy deal wth us Army's we luv u n so do u ur the #1 bias in my heart tat I will forever cherish whn I first met bts I saw taehyung I was like "bias right here!!!" haha ur smile ur laugh n everythin bout u makes my day better whn ur sad we army r sad, whn ur hurt we worry bout u a lot u guys worry bout us army we worry bout u guys to we army luv u forever n always n so do I~

taehyung 오빠 사랑해, 행복한 생일, Bangtan 싸움!!! 사랑해

@bambamisbae Yeah is the 30th in Korea today
its the 30th in korea today right