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I Share a video of Lee Min Ho´s performances that i dedicated like Artist of the week on K-N Acción (www.knaccion.jimdo.comm). I appreciate your comments and visits my blog. My blog is about Korean Wave in Spanish but you can comment in English, No Problem. Thank you ...Anyong!
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wow, nice video. i haven't seen his movies and old shows so this is a great collection.
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thanks your comments. Amyperalta can you see the video? The video have restriction in some countries of asia. where are you from?
5 years ago·Reply
Ohhh! it is? :( I'm from Manila, Philippines.
5 years ago·Reply
amyperalta, give me an email to share in private the video. this restriction was made by youtube. :(
5 years ago·Reply Thank you so much! Mwah!
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