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Dramas keep getting better and better, and this year was filled with some awesome choices.

Which was your favorite drama of 2015?

ps: I'm always the person who watches dramas a billion years after they come out so you can talk about dramas that didnt come out in 2015^^ Just ones that you watched in 2015 :D
Even though I'm still watching it, I'm going to have to say Reply 1988 is my favorite!
I had a busy year so my drama watching was sadly loooooow but I can't help but find time to squeeze in this drama!
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This 2015 i was in a drama slump in the sense that my value decreased while that of dramas increased because I watched alot if those, both new ones and the old ones which basically filled up the 5 or 6 days wait for ongoing drama and my fave was***** i can't say been that i loved them all.
Oh My Venus (still watching it)
Oh My Venus. I can't even with that show...But She Was Pretty is a close second
I actually started watching k-dramas this year only!! So, practically all dramas I watched in 2015 were good. Specially, MLFAS, REPLY 1997, MASTER'S SUN, FAITH.... Gosh, there are too many to name!!! I'm just going to leave it!!
wowwwww, there were so many, Jong pal,my love so Eung,she was pretty, Scholar who walks the night, i remember you etc. But my favorite was Oh My Ghostess, the best without adoubt.