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Dramas keep getting better and better, and this year was filled with some awesome choices.

Which was your favorite drama of 2015?

ps: I'm always the person who watches dramas a billion years after they come out so you can talk about dramas that didnt come out in 2015^^ Just ones that you watched in 2015 :D
Even though I'm still watching it, I'm going to have to say Reply 1988 is my favorite!
I had a busy year so my drama watching was sadly loooooow but I can't help but find time to squeeze in this drama!
Oh My Venus. I can't even with that show...But She Was Pretty is a close second
kill me heal and she was pretty is my fav this year but there was so many good ones this year so I'd say they were all good.
I haven't watched much this year but coffee prince was definitely my favorite!!
Yeees Reply 1988 is LIFE!!!!! Healer is at the top of my list though because it was totally amazing!!!! A couple of more that immediately stand out are Oh My Ghostess and I Remember You. They have become some of my all time favorites ❤❤❤
it is many many favorite drama i watched it in this year she was prity the geril how see the smells the producer angry mom hyde jekyll and i did i forget eny drama
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