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Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
It was Hoseok. You weren’t too sure why, but you had alway had a soft spot for Hoseok. He just radiated love and protection. His very presence put you at easy. He was also one of the first people you’d ask for advice whenever you had issues with Jimin. The sound of Jhope’s soft voice timidly asking if he could come in had you tripping over your own feet in your rush to get to the door. Throwing it open, you glanced at him briefly before throwing your arms around him and bursting into tears. V and Jungkook stood behind him silently. Jhope leaned over and shut your front door before crouching down in the hallway with you, the two younger members followed suite. Hoseok calmly let you cry, his arms wrapped firmly around you. You felt dumb, crying so bitterly over someone who left so easily (and in front of his brother no less). When you had calmed enough to speak coherently, V suggested you visiting them at the dorm. He had missed you. They all had.
All in all, it took Jungkook, with the combined efforts of Jhope and V, five weeks to get you to even consider hanging out at the dorm again. Ultimately, it was Yoongi’s promise to look out for you that had you actually going through with it. Since Jimin left, you had been moping around your apartment crying, only leaving to go to work. Jungkook had called multiple times, but you didn’t have the heart to answer. On their day off, he and V had even camped outside your door waiting for you to get back from work. Lucky for you, their manager had called them in shortly after you arrived so you didn’t have to let them into your mess of a home. It was quite pathetic but you had pulled out every photo of Jimin in your possession and spent hours just staring at them, thinking of what you could have done differently. Texts from friends rolled in hour after hour asking why the media was blowing up about Jimin and a mystery woman. The temptation to call him was too great, so on a whim you deleted his number only to instantly regret it. You spent the next hour tearing through every shred of paper Jimin had ever touched hoping that for whatever reason, he scratched his number onto it.
This is what led to you, in a crying frenzy, dialling Jungkook at three in morning trying to ask, but not outright say that you needed Jimin’s phone number. Jungkook wasn’t stupid, he caught on immediately. To your dismay, he refused, saying that if you really wanted it, you’d come to the dorm and ask him yourself. The next day was when Jungkook and V returned, Jhope in tow. Shortly after they left was when you received a call from Yoongi promising that he’d be right beside you. No offense to Jungkook and the others, but unlike them, Yoongi’s promises were set in stone. So here you were, tucked behind Yoongi like a little kid as he calmly shuffled to the dorm door, keys jingling idly in his hands. He paused in front of the doormat and turned to look at you. “Y/N, if they make you uncomfortable, let me know, okay?” He licked his lips,”I honestly don’t think this is a good idea, but the guys wanted to see you and you agreed. So..don’t let Jimin get to you.” He unlocked the door, motioning for you to enter first. Thudding footsteps grew louder until V rounded the corner, lifting you into a bone crushing hug and toting you off to the living room. You felt happier already, giggling at his rambling. He was saying something about food, before switching to Rap Monster’s hair yesterday, your hair today, then the most recent song he listened to.
Seated at the couch were Jimin and Eunsae, cuddled together whispering softly to each other. You didn’t mean to, but you found yourself staring. That is, until Jungkook stepped into your line of vision. He gently tugged on you, and V let you go immediately. Arms wrapping around his sides, you stared up at him in awe. These last few week crying over Jimin was suffocating and right now, Jungkook was like a breath of fresh air. You had really missed him. He of course, noticed your awed expression and practically radiated pleasure. Beside them, V excitedly looked between the two of you. Your distance had put a damper on his little brother’s mood; not to mention strain his relationship with Jimin. It wasn’t until Jimin announced that he and Eunsae were dating (which wasn’t long) that he finally apologized to Jungkook and the two made up. Jungkook smiled softly, “Did you miss me?” A breathy,’ Yes’ passed through your lips without hesitation that had him blushing furiously. On the floor a few feet away, Jhope, waiting for Jungkook to come back and finish the video game they were playing, whistled lowly. “Oh, Jungkookie~” He teased,”Do you need a shower?” Jimin’s whispering stopped suddenly, so you looked. When your eyes met his, he silently kept your gaze. Soft fingers tugged on your chin, pulling your attention away. Jungkook softly whined,
“Y/N~, if you missed me so much, why are you looking away? There’s nothing for you over there.” He glanced over his shoulder to Jimin and Eunsae and smiled at them before turning back to you. Leaning down, he rested his head against yours, lips brushing against your ear painfully slow. You shivered, your eyelids fluttering and gaze distractedly shifting away from Jimin’s tense expression. Jimin started to protest but cut himself off, biting down on his fist. Jungkook chuckled lowly, sending his hyung wink as he buried his face into your neck. You felt his long, slender fingers gently press into your back, drawing you closer to his body as he whispered,”I’m glad you’re here.” He straightened up, just as Yoongi slapped the back of his head. “You may be 18, but Jin will still scold you if you keep acting so fresh around Y/N.” he warned, plopping down onto the sofa next to Jimin. Jungkook nodded bashfully, a playful grin tugging at his lips, “Yes, hyung.” You watched as he crouched onto the floor, his hands sliding down your back to grasp your fingers and pull you down too. Taking a seat next to him, you watched him take up his controller and press play. Jhope, who was talking to V at that moment, lunged for his controller, screaming about how Jungkook was cheating. The maknae laughed, looking to you excitedly. Jimin’s voice suddenly spoke up,“Hey, Y/N-” Beside you Jungkook frowned. However, it was Yoongi who stood up, cutting in, “Y/N, help me in the kitchen.” He grasped your upper arm as he passed, helping you up and leading you in front of him to the kitchen. From his seat, Jimin rolled his eyes.
Yoongi didn’t need help in the kitchen, nor did he have reason to be in the kitchen. Amused, you watched as he opened the fridge door, ran his hands along the soda cans shuffling it a bit before shutting it. Next he turned on the tap for a few seconds. While he wandered around the kitchen, pretending to do something, you quietly watched Jimin and Eunsae. He was still a blushing mess it seemed. Sadly, you watched him murmur something to her, only to look disappointed when she didn’t look that interested. That’s probably how you always looked talking to him. Suddenly, Eunsae’s eyes met yours and his quickly followed. Frozen on the spot, you tried to think of something to say. “No, Y/N I don’t think they want anything.” Everyone turned to look at Jungkook. He paused the game, his face contorting in confusion,” Didn’t you hear Y/N, ask if you guys wanted anything?” Jhope raised his brows, catching on, “Ah, nope, I’m good.” He quickly added,”Thanks for asking Y/N.” “Oh, wait!,” Namjoon stumbled into the room, waving pleasantly at you,”Hey, Y/N. Can I have-” “She’s not your damn maid, get it yourself!” Yoongi yelled from the kitchen. Namjoon raised a brow in surprise, but laughed it off, moving past you to go into the kitchen. V patted the spot next to himself, beckoning for you sit. He excitedly held a small purple woven bracelet to you. Turning it over in your hands you picked at loose threads. Half of it looked like it was woven too loosely, and the other half was a little too tightly done. V chuckled, pointing to the loose half,”A noona showed us how to do it. I did this part, but Jungkookie said it looked bad so he finished it,” he motioned to the other end. Jimin playfully kicked at V, resting his head on his hand,”Y/N doesn’t like purple though!” Taehyung looked at you in surprise,
“Really?” You shook your head in disagreement with Jimin’s statement and V looked back to him,”Ah, I was scared for a second!” he whined, slapping Jimin’s shin. Jimin laughed, pushing his hands away, but continued, “But she really doesn’t! Right Y/N?” You frowned at him,”You didn’t like purple on me.” You corrected. Before he could reply, Yoongi stepped in, frowning at him, “What did I tell you?” He glared. Jimin nervously looked at him, “I know hyung, but… I really can’t even talk to her?” His eyes looked to you momentarily, but your attention was focused on Jungkook’s warm hand gripping your ankle. Jimin frowned as his younger brother pulled you towards him until your legs were draped over his lap. Yoongi cleared his throat and then Jimin was focused back on his hyung’s disapproving stare,”Hyung…I-” “I didn’t stutter.” The older rapper ground out. Jimin nodded solemnly, casting one last glance at you timidly pushing Jungkook’s slender fingers away from your waist before grumpily crossing his arms and resting his head on Eunsae’s shoulders. She let him stay there for a few seconds before shrugging him off. Her soft voice cut through the otherwise noisy room,”Jimin, can we go please?” He was jumping up in a second, scurrying around the room to collect her things as well as his own. Eunsae waved goodbye to the boys before turning to you. Jungkook’s hand- which had been casually draped around your waist- tightened a bit. Yoongi had moved to sit on the edge of his seat stiffly. Even Jimin had paused in his running around to watch. She smiled politely at you, “We met before, you probably don’t remember…um, we were both trying to get a position in the makeup department at Stardom. You, obviously, got it, but, um..I know we don’t really know each other but, I just wanted to say that your advice to me on the first day has helped me so much; with getting a job, relationships…everything.”
You furrowed your brows,”I’m so sorry, I don’t really remember, what did I say?” Eunsae’s face was red, mostly likely from the fact that you truly didn’t remember her. Either way she cleared her throat and repeated your advice,” Dazzle them until they can’t even use their tongue properly, once that happens you know you’ve got the hook, line, and sinker.” She then held her hand out for Jimin’s, who practically lunged across the room to get to her, and you found yourself confused as to why she chose to mention this all of a sudden.
I feel like i am about to beat her ass
she mentioned that specifically because she's rude asf. glad the other members were helping her avoid all of jimins questions! love this story, really i do!
Now we gotta fight.. Damn jimin he doesn't deserve to be happy in this fic lol
@jjrockstar @KaeliShearer I'll fight her with you guys if we ever see you on the streets Eunsae 👊🏻🔥
This bitch Eunsae!!!!
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