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I'm late I know... but Shh.


I may not be pretty, but I think I'm pretty cute. c; see what I did there? No? Oh okay.. ANYWAYS, a few things about me... hmm... I can play 5 instruments and I'm self taught on 2 of them. I love to draw, and recently I got into painting (it's hard ;-;) and I want to try computer editing.. I am 16 years old, my birthday was on the 28 of November. I live in the big state of Texas, and before anyone asks- no I do not have an accent. I love to read and write. You can tell by my fanfics heheh.. a secret of mine, is that I get inspiration from everyday life and songs. Sometimes I can write a sentence and with that sentence I start making it into a story. I started writing sentences since I was about 5 years old. Of course they were simple sentences but yeah. An example of an everyday life one would be one the one with Jin. That happened to me, except the guy got rejected in real life.. One that was inspired by a song would be Baekhyuns' his was inspired by his own song 'beautiful' and 'it has to be you' by Jay Park. I realized I got carried away... sorry... I'll shutup now.


I mean.. isn't it obvious? KIM SEOKJIN I LOVE YOU~ It had to be said. Anyways I remember my friend said that we're alike but I'm more alike to Suga. I don't even know heheh. Our ship name (she came up with it) is MiJin it's weird but it's cute.


I have no picture for this, but have some lay. I am currently single because no one can handle me. No I'm kidding, I just have too much to do and having a relationship isn't on my mind right now.


I wrote it in a fanfic heheh.. I'll give you a hint it's a BTS one. Vocal line. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING.


I honestly don't really know. I just go for personality. However if I had to choose, he'd have to be as smart as Namjoon, as sexy as Kai, as beautiful as Jin and Baekhyun combined, has a beautiful voice just like Kyuhyun (Yes, guys that sing are my weakness), can be as weird as Taehyung, Has hair like Taehyun (WINNER), Can be full of surprises like Xiumin, can be as funny as Jackson, and can dress as well as Jiyong (G-DRAGON). This is why I'm staying single..
If you read through it all, Thank you! It means a lot. I tend to talk a lot when it comes to talking about what I love.. as you can see I got carried away like twice in this card.. Anyways, Thanks once again! @Ercurrent @AnnahiZaragoza
Haha I liked your card! You're cool but wow! I was not expecting you to be 16 lol :O Dam, you're extremely talented. By the way, are you in marching band?
No, it's not that lol Just the way you write. It's very good!! (and that's a complament lol) I like the way you think! Keep it up! I know you'll be big in life! :) Dam that's super cool!! What do you play in the Mariachi! (Btw I love mariachi) @MichelleIbarra
@Ercurrent From where I live, no one has an accent it's higher up in the state (I live in at the tip of Texas) and most people when I meet online they ask me to send a voice recording so they can hear my accent.
@MichelleIbarra same!!! People from the place I love all make fun of me because I don't have one and anyone I meet online assumes that I sound like a stereotypical hick hahaha
@Ercurrent I'm kinda tired of people asking if I have one.. 😅
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