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Korean 101: I'm So Embarrassed!

If you're anything like me, you probably have a ton of embarrassing moments. Here's some helpful vocab for that^^


To be embarrassed or bashful


That's so embarrassing, I'm so embarrassed!

부끄러워 죽겠다!

(boo-kkeu-reo-weo ju-ket-da)
I'm so embarrassed I'm going to die!

Have you had any embarrassing moments lately?

Here's mine:
My cousin got accepted to Virginia Tech (his dream school) right before Christmas so we had a party for him. The whole house was decorated in VT colors (literally, everything in the house) and at one point his friend said "gee Kyle, what school are you going to again?" and I TOTALLY missed the sarcasm and was like "you can't tell by all the VT stuff around the house?" and only realized my mistake until it was way too late to be like 'omg you were kidding' He must have thought I was so stupid omg hahahaha
I felt so dumb! Gahhh so embarrassing!!! 부끄러웠어요!
@jannatd93 omg i stil remember the time that my old crush asked me where i took a class (like which building) and i kept telling him the time the class was, and he was liek NO "WHERE" and I was like TEN THIRTY hahahahhahhaa
Tbh I find a lot of my dancing outbreaks embarrassing cause im usually the only one who knows what im dancing to since I usually have headphones in. but actually one time in work this korean girl came in to get her iPhone screen fixed. my phone was upfront under the register while I was in the back fixing her phone. and out of no where my phone started going off (its a mix of bad by infinite and eoeo by uniq) and I was singing to it and walked out with her phone and she was dancing to it and we kinda had a stare off with me holding her phone lol. I never picked up my phone to my boss and then after work my boss came in asking why I never picked up and he played back the cameras and I kinda just stood there smiling and scratching my head.
Haha, that's nothing. A few weeks back, I was doing an interview for my volunteering role at the Library and the librarian asked me a question. I had been listening to kpop all day and studying just before I got there, so I ended up answering her in Korean. She looked at me like I was crazy so I was like "뭐요?" And she just kept looking at me. It took me a few minutes to realize I was talking to her in a language she didn't know. But luckily for me she found it entertaining and accepted my application.
Hahaha that's a wonderful story. I got caught dancing and singing mansae in the parking lot at work my boss. So I'm with you friend.
Oh lawd, I could write a book with all my embarrassing stories 😳 Here's one off the top of my head: I was on vacation skyping with my best friend who just went away for college. She was telling me about a schoolmate who can read and write Chinese. This was around the time that "Which Asian are you?" video with the guy and girl jogging came out. I was like,"Which... Kind of Asian... Is he?" and she was just like,"He's white... He's just really into the Chinese language." Commence real life facepalm...
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I've been trying to improve my French recently, and came across these awesome YouTubers called DamonandJo. They have self-taught themselves nearly 6 languages! I believe they speak French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German, and of course English! You can either watch the video above (which I suggest cause they have the BEST sense of humor) or check out their tips below: 1. Follow Famous YouTubers in the language you want to learn! There are tons of youtubers in other languages, and often if they are famous enough, there will be english subtitles. Listen to them to hear real people speaking the language rather than a text book! They're usually super entertaining too so it helps :) 2. Follow those YouTubers or famous people on twitter so you see that language each day! The easiest way to get used to a foreign language is to see it all the time and this really helps! 3. Change your phone/facebook/etc language to your desired language! Since you probably already know where everything is in your phone or facebook, you wont be confused and you'll learn a ton of new vocab! 4. Listen to audio books in the language you want!!! Audible has a ton of foreign language books. Try starting with a book you already know well (like Harry Potter for me - I'm trying to read that in Korean right now...) and listen throughout your day! 5. Sign up for foreign magazines or newsletters! Or even better download their app in another language! For example, my boyfriend gets push notification from Le Monde which is a french newspaper :) Even if you only read the headline, its practice. 6. Try cooking a meal using a recipe in a different language! You start to learn that a lot of words you actually already know (for example, sauté means the same thing in french and in korean bokkeum (like bokkeumbap) means fried! so literally "fried rice!" 7. Watch TV shows in the language Duh!!!! 8. Talk to yourself and dont be afraid! Practice speaking whenever you can, even to people who are strangers! be brave! What languages are you trying to learn?!