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Korean 101: I'm So Embarrassed!
If you're anything like me, you probably have a ton of embarrassing moments. Here's some helpful vocab for that^^


To be embarrassed or bashful


That's so embarrassing, I'm so embarrassed!

부끄러워 죽겠다!

(boo-kkeu-reo-weo ju-ket-da)
I'm so embarrassed I'm going to die!

Have you had any embarrassing moments lately?

Here's mine:
My cousin got accepted to Virginia Tech (his dream school) right before Christmas so we had a party for him. The whole house was decorated in VT colors (literally, everything in the house) and at one point his friend said "gee Kyle, what school are you going to again?" and I TOTALLY missed the sarcasm and was like "you can't tell by all the VT stuff around the house?" and only realized my mistake until it was way too late to be like 'omg you were kidding' He must have thought I was so stupid omg hahahaha
I felt so dumb! Gahhh so embarrassing!!! 부끄러웠어요!
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yo k so here is a story so I was going to a party (a marching band party) & I was hanging with my friend & for some reason we start talking about lemon juice cause that was the drink that we were drinking anyhoo so we were talking about lemon juice & I wad talking & for some reason I ended up saying sunny 10 instead of sunnyD & my friends burst out laughing also they were think I think they should make a drink named suuny 10 yeah I was so embarrassed
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@EmilyGardner isn't there already a SunnyD variation called Sunny10 though??
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@ChelseaJay yeah exo advertised for it but my band memeber dont know about or never even hear of sunny10
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mine was when I was 7 OMG I was in church and I had to pee and I felt sacred to go for some reason cause we where at the front and people can see you when you walk out (I was a really shy kid) any way I was about to ask my sister to let me go to the bathroom but it was to late cause it all flowed out I peed on myself in church I told my sister and my mom and other sister saw it and I went to the bathroom and my mom helped me with it and Omg i legit felt like like wah i messed up so 부끄러워 죽겠다 😂😂😂😂😂 what's all in the past is the past Lol time to live the present and never again
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during new years I was at my uncle's house and I was watching that new York countdown thing and my uncle came over and asked me if I wanted to see a movie cause he had a channel that premiered alot of new movies I told him to do whatever he wanted so he changed the channel but accidentally wrote a number wrong and it went to a porn channel... there was this shirtless lady.. and. then my aunt screamed to my uncle "what is that?!" I just looked at my phone acting like I didn't see anything and then my uncle screamed "what are these kids watching!!!" basically referring to the channel his sons had added ..
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