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Am I the only one who thinks J-Hope is freaking sexy as hell with a mask on?
Seriously, look at him!
He should wear these more often.
Mask + Guyliner = Ovary explosion!
It's just perfect on him.
His eyes are saying all kinds of things... but what are his lips doing? Your guess is as good as mine.
Please, wear these all the time, Hobi! I will be so grateful.
The bandana does it for me too.
Oooh, bandana mask! Is he trying to kill me?
Makes me wonder if he's making kissie faces under that mask or just faking it.
It's just so mysterious.
Anyone else? Or am I alone in my J-Hope Mask Love?
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Anybody know where to get this mask?
I honestly love that hair style on J-Hope <3
I'm challenging my designer friend to remake the studded mask lol
Your not alone and I'm crazy in love with his hairstyle
He definitely had me but when you get to know his character it kinda makes it hard to take him seriously any more. Sorta like Yongguk if his looks could kill, we'd all be dead. But his gummy smile and sweet character clashes with that intense look. But it all works out for both him and Jhope XD