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Upcoming drama 'Dating Agency' starring SNSD's Sooyoung releases it's first preview
The new upcoming drama ‘Dating Agency‘ starring Sooyoung, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Lee Chun Hee has released its first preview. Lee Jong Hyuk plays Byung Hoon, a ‘genius director who is the Sherlock Holmes of the dating agency business’. Sooyoung plays Min Young, an ‘agent who specializes in broken hearts and is full of emotions’. Lee Chun Hee plays Seung Pyo, a ‘mystery master chef who runs the restaurant near the theater’. Hong Jong Hyun plays Moo Jin, the ‘chic & dark engineer of the dating agency’. Jo Yoon Woo plays Ah Rang, the ‘bright energizer maknae who is a master at galbi‘. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO PREMIERE :)