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I don’t know where to start
I think I will have to talk about the continuing with the schedules
Firstly, I want to say I’m really sorry and thank you to all the ARMYs who were worried about me
Two years ago, when I was hospitalised due to appendicitis, I watched BTS’ first year-end stage at the hospital. That will be the first time and the last time I watched BTS’ performance live since debut. I pledged and vowed that there won’t be the same case ever again.
Two days ago, I said I will perform in the concert. I said I was really fine and I can do it and I will feel sorry to a lot of people. If I don’t perform, I will be disappointed with myself so I have to go up and perform.
In the end, the people around me said I shouldn’t and I can’t perform. Because of that, I think it hurt a lot of people and I’m really sad. The next day, I received a thorough examinations to make sure there’s nothing abnormal before I can continue with the schedules normally. The test results came out and there’s really nothing abnormal and I’m really fine and I will continue with schedules.
Honestly I’m sad and I’m mad at myself for making people worried about me and because I know how heartbreaking it is. The problem is I don’t know who to hate or who to blame so I just got really mad at myself more than anyone.
It’s like a habit that I will always promise to make more good music and show more good performances, so I was really upset that I couldn’t keep that promise.
I’m really sorry. In spite of being upset and angry, I can feel that I’m a blessed person.
There’s a lot of people who were worried about me and I received so much love generously and I’m really thankful for that.
Thank you for making me a blessed person
I really love you and thank you ARMY
you but needs to rest we need a healthy alive min yoongi OK we don't want to be suga free
God dammit My feels have already been super high lately and I'm like a hyper pregnant woman with the emotions over here. Thanks Suga, I'm tearing up. I need to punch a wall to feel manly again
It breaks my heart that he's so hard on himself... I LOVE YOU MIN YOONGI 💜💜💜
@KeziahWright i knew someone was gonna make that joke/reference lmao smh 😁
of my good yoongi. i swear feels are too real now like he shouldn't blame himself but as we all know as to how determined and self pushed he is. we can't do anything about except support and show our love to him 💞💝💘
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