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The end of 2015 is approaching us and I think its time
I think we should all take this time to sit back and reflect on how hard Big Bang has worked this year and see how much they've accomplished
Aww come on you know you want to...
First I think we should kick thing off with their comeback, that was completely amazing by the way Personally like every track that was dropped, each month I was like "The next song just can be better and then It was and I was mindblown" . . . But they released 4 EPs M,A,D and E ♡♡ And have yet to release the full entire MADE album which is said to have some extra new songs on their so ......Stick around for that♡♡
Did you ever want to go on a date that just lasted forever? Well now you can Big Bang has done it they've went over on the "V App" and did not only live streams together but separately as well So you can see what its like to hang out with you favorite oppa♡♡ (The videos are all still up, so just get over on that V App and hangout with them ♡)
Taeyang and G-Dragon both hit the floor on Infinite Challenge lighting up the night with amazing performances and the composing of a song called "Mapsosa" (Slide that gif over to check out the performance because it is pretty sick and the there also a little someone special with them who I'd like you guys to meet)
G-Dragon was on The Return of Superman hanging out with an ultra cute little girl (Sarang). They played game and had loads of fun. The whole thing was just completely adorable and I loved it♡♡ (It is EP. 97 but you can just slide that gif over and the video will be there for you)
The entire band did a photo shoot for Vogue and the pictures that came out were just top quality The outfits and design were pretty interesting and enough to catch the eye of this viewer ~(^.^)~
G-Dragon and TOP have bestowed upon us another single and the track was pretty fire!! Ive got to had my windows down and my speakers up!! The collaboration was nicely put together so around of applause for that and the interesting imagery that went into the music video as well (Want the MV? slide that gif lol)
Now what type of person would I be if I didn't talk about TOP's drama "Secret Message" Now you guys know that Ive been promoting this since they first even announced it....AND WHEN THEY DROPPED THE FIRST EPISODE!! (AHHHHH) The whole was just really to funny but had a bitter sweet side to it as well No spoilers here, I'll let you watch to see for yourself but I definitely recommend it♡♡ (Its on DramaFever and Youtube if you want to check it out)
We can forget about the many Award ceremonies they attend throughout the year For all their hardwork of course whats the best way to repay them than constant support and showing your love for them Congratulations Big Bang on all your wins you be collected throughout this year!!
Now if we talk about the awards we have to talk about the mother of them all the MAMA!! Honestly the pride I felt everyone I saw them get up......I felt like that one soccer mom "Thats my baby!!" lol Each member made a speech thanking everyone that supported them and worked with them to accomplish what they have this year. The speeches .. had me speeches TOP and SEUNGRI im looking at you!! (And the way they decide the order of the speeches was pretty funny too) (DramaFever has uploaded the full award show so you can check it out there)
And last but not least is the MADE tour. Which I was very lucky to be able to attend. The whole thing was just glory in its purest form!! The entertainment its self was amazing, there were games, jokes, dances, and of course the live singing did commence♡♡ the only thimg that was bad, was the front pits stairs moved so if you sat there .....well sometimes you would have to look at their feet for awhile lol But at the same time it was sort advantageous because if you did sit there.. ● They sit with you ●Talk to them ●Maybe get a few merch items Given to you (*cough* Seungris MADE coat *cough*) ● You can sing a dance beside them and your fellow VIPs Over all its a great experience, so when they have their next tour you should definitely check it out♡♡ (The MADE Tour for New Jersey has been uploaded on DramaFever)
This year they've done so much, I don't even think I covered everything they did.( I actually didn't like there's waaaaaay more to cover, but this card would go on for ages lol :P)
.. But anyway I would like to thank them for working so hard. Congratulations Big Bang I can wait to see what else you have to offer in the future ♡♡
What moment this year hit you with a Big Bang?
congratulations to our boys they had an amazing year. It was such a great year to be a VIP I liked everything they did. 😆😆
theyre the best and this year omg they made it AWESOME
Really just everything. sad I couldn't see them on tour but glad I have dramafever. the award shows man...just this year was just about big bang for me. lol