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I just letting you guys know if Seungri happens to go missing this is what happened
Run Brother Run!!
Look how apologetic he telling you Ri ...RUUUUUUN
Faster Seungri FASTER!!
Not quick enough ....
Just kidding that couldnt happen G-Dragon loves you♡♡
What are you doing this isn't the time!!
Your not safe from the luscious Taeyang!!! RUUUUN!!
And the tears stream down his face.... Im just kidding
Taeyang loves you too♡♡♡
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I was like WHAAAAT 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶
@Helixx thats one notification you don't want lol
my heart freaking dropped.. 😭😭
I freaked when I saw the notification I was like huwha!! 😱😵😭😭
I've seen this one a few times and it still makes me laugh.