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Family life is so busy these days, what with school, work, and the clubs and activities
many children are involved in. It may seem that there's scarcely a moment to sit down to just enjoy being with your children. So Christmas can offer a rare opportunity to enjoy some quiet family time - and both you and your children will be delighted to lose yourselves in these enchanting Christmas books.
Just when you're beginning to feel stressed with all the preparations, reading When the Grinch Stole Christmas with your kids will put a smile on your face. Who doesn't love Dr Seuss' amusing rhymes? Or if you feel that the real meaning of Christmas has been lost, open Molly's Surprise or The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey for a reminder of how we can recover the joy of this special season. And if they haven't yet been introduced to the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, now's your chance!
Spending time with your kids reading will make everyone happy. Books are the best
Christmas gift you could ever give them, along with your time, so snuggle up and
enjoy these fabulous Christmas stories with your kids!
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every year it's The Grinch