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Our hero looks like he's in trouble.

And yes, that's Frank Castle aka The Punisher looming over him. Considering their very different moral stances, it stands to reason that the two characters will be clashing this season. Then again, Matt doesn't look too concerned. Maybe he and the Punisher are after the same people?

First look at Elektra!

Yesterday we all saw some grainy iPhone photos, but here's something better. "Lethal love interest"? And then we get some more details about Frank Castle- no surprises there. The first season of Daredevil was characterized by shades of grey. Are you a villain if you believe you're working towards the greater good? And if you are, then what does that make our heroes? Seems like the Punisher will be a stark contrast to those themes.

Oh my Karen.

Last season left off with a few mysteries. Karen is definitely hiding something, and she didn't come clean about killing Wesley. Of course, she doesn't know that the masked vigilante who saved her life is actually her boss. So things are probably going to come to a head one way or another. And in the meantime I'm scratching my head wondering where Claire Temple is!!!

Season 2 is premiering in March next year.

Which frankly is not soon enough. Who else can't wait?
SHANE aka Jon Bernthal. The only tv character I cried over when he died in the Walking Dead or in any tv show period! 馃槀馃槀
Found it, @shannonl5! Mmm, Jon Bernthal... as Frank Castle! @AimeeH?! @LAVONYORK?! How will we survive this?! 馃槼 @peahyr I agree. Entirely too long to wait!! What is everyone else's favorite part of the new season? I ask because I know Aimee's is The Punisher. Mine is Bernthal. What are y'all looking forward to?
Absolutely not soon enough
Here's the new photos @LAVONYORK @ButterflyBlu @peahyr ^_^ And I'm sure @AimeeH will be happy to see her husband up there! And @Raadhiyah here's a fresh look at Elektra! She looks awesome :D
@jazziejazz yeah that dynamic was really cool! I'm looking forward to more character development and I kind of hope Vanessa comes back
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