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TOP has been naughty!!
Earlier this morning he posted eating some scrumptious chicken on his Instagram but it appears that he been caught by his personal health trainer
"I saw this on his Instagram, but ....what does it say?!?!" Well check his out...
I guess the extra protein does promote muscle growth lol XD
Oh he also posted this photo but it was later deleted The caption was written in Korean but it basically said: Started growing a mustache for the first time #LateGrowth #TooLazyTooShave
Taeyang was also on insta this morning he might not have posted but he did have a sing-a-long to the song playing in the background of TOP's video Song: Justin Bieber -What Do you Mean ♡
I just wanted to share with you guys the translations for the one text message TOP had, but now im starting to feel more like a news reporter lol . . Have a great day guys♡♡
lol news reporter😂
lol. you slay me @KwonOfAKind. keep them xoming
oooooo top got busted
I wish he hadn't deleted the video and photos.
The trainer should give him some slack.