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Hey guys its scarlet!!! I dont know why but i found this picture really sad and alot of people feel this way but can't open up so, i just wanted to share this picture and say "Your not alone honey, We all have our share of pain". To the once who are scared to open up, plsss you can come to me cause even i tried to hide alot of fear and pain for myself and now, my heart feels like a trash bin. plss dont be scared to open up. thank you all and have a great day!!!!!
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* acts like a chibi* I want to give you a hug
2 years ago·Reply
c: ochay...only if Scarlett doesn't mind... *hugs @JakeErter*
2 years ago·Reply
@JakeErter @MadHouseRomance runs and gives hugs to both
2 years ago·Reply
<.< ... *Squeezes to death until dead*
2 years ago·Reply
TAIGAAAAAA!!!!!!! daiske
2 years ago·Reply