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Yoongi is quickly being the biggest bias wrecker for me... Omg I feel like I should stop watching BTS on Daily Motion because Yoongi is stealing my heart but I can't stop cuz I crave the happiness these boys give me... @SugaOnTop What do I do Nabi dearest???
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Resistance is futile KoKoChan. JHope was the fist to catch my eye now he is lost in the void behind Suga. That is just how it is my love. No one can resist him forever.
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I know how you feel, he's my ultimate bias wrecker! My advice: don't fight it. Just let it happen. It's so much easier that way
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I know how you feel tho~ saaame
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omg yes!! my friends are trying to get me to start standing my bias wrecker because we match more but I still don't know what to do
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