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I'm so sorry guys but I have to admit that I find this so funny. it may sound indelicate but I've been laughing at this for about an hour. these outrageous acts are becoming more and more ridiculous. Whether it's antis or crazies I find the hysteria laughable. "let's love? " words are for everyone. let him use it. being an army and an exo-l I believe words are meant to be shared. exo does not own the term "let's love". and besides seeing how close exo is to bts I know he didn't mean harm. smh ppl are so dumb.
I'm very multi-fandom, which includes being both an Army and Exo-l. My BTS bias happens to be Jungkook as well. But seriously, how can people so easily threaten a person's life over mere words? Along with that, someone so young? I may be younger than he is, but seriously people. How crazy must a person be to threaten or do such a thing to anybody? I really have no understanding...
Let me clarify: the crazy exo-Ls
Makes me want to apply a "get your life together" slap to exo-Ls.
WHY CANT WE ALL JUST STOP FIGHTING AND HAVE MORE RESPECT TOWARDS EACH OTHER?? I'm sure neither exo or bts were happy when they saw this 😞
I'm an EXO-L and I am sorry for all the crazy EXO-L's that make the rest of us look like horrible people. 😪😭 I don't wish death on anyone let alone another group. It's really hard saying you are an EXO-L because of people like this! I will always support EXO but unfortunately I can't support some of my other EXO-L's and that makes me sad.... Really sad. Sorry to all ARMY'S 😭🙁
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