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The 95z seriously have the best friendship out there!
They constantly are teasing each other(a.k.a the way they show their affection)!
Like on AHL when Taehyung taught everyone how to call Jimin stupid in Korean!
Or Taehyung's drawing of Jimin and Jimin's reaction!
And we can't forget about Jimin's phone call to Tae!
Just always teasing!
They are also the craziest duo in Bangtan! Like when Jimin "spun" Taehyung!
Or when they disrupted Hopie sleeping!
And when they made the Bomb with their nick-name t-shirts!
But despite their teasing, they really care for each other!
Like when Taehyung's mic wouldn't work and Jimin let him borrow his!
It is for sure a crazy, loving friendship that makes everyone happy! *I do not own the pics! Credit to the owners!*
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They are too cute!!! I love them!
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@ChaErica they really are! :)
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I love my birth year dorks
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