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As we all know EXO-L are known for being an intense fandom, but many fans are claiming they have crossed the line. After they cursed death on BTS JUNGKOOK. BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT Singer became target of EXO-L after he applied the term "lets love". (term associated with EXO) Enraged by what they believe was an act of theivery and disrespect toward EXO. Fans of the SM ENTERTAINMENT group spread a photoshopped image of jungkook portrait mounted in a funeral wreathe. In respond ARMYS have urged EXO-Ls to calm down and stop the image from spreading the malicious image. In my opinion thats a stupid idea to be doing this sort of thing and yes i know its associated towards EXO and all but really why do this are you brainless...As a EXO-L myself this is disappointing to see one of us do this to another kpop group...Also how do think Exo may feel probably disappointed at us for doing this and other stuff...Then they ask why we get judged alot, why some fandoms dont like us and talk sh*t about us...Also as a ARMY this is just sad wishing death upon someone is soo stupid and idiotic what did kookie ever do to you......Im just worried jungkook saw this and if he does see it what is he gonna do about....Poor jungkook he doesnt deserve this no one does
true but why on earth would someone wish this to Jungkook tho even if they are fake exo-l this is just wrong....It breaks my heart seeing this @CreeTheOtaku
@MichelleIbarra well actually they always do something like this , one where they called jay park a drug dealer, probably called namjoon and jhope ugly too
@MichelleIbarra @solodaywithB1A4 Agreed... People need to grow up...
they are close is justthat sometimes we fans go to far at time's @KokoroNoTakara true it doesnt bother me that much from when i found out...i realy hope he doesn't see it....many fans do need to grow and think that there idols have feelings as well @MichelleIbarra ik i feel the same @MissyKim Fans will be fans but this is hurtful and seeing my two fav groups Fandom going at it like this is soo sad @KpopQueenaBee
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