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Hey Vinglers! tbell2 Here and with another installment of vs battle for {Decision December}. Here is Sebastian's Prelim Battle Here is Sesshomaru's Prelim Battle Check out the orginal cards and the orginal descriptions of the players if you would like to(: And soo... let's begin!!
For many, our favorite cat loving demon is a heartthrob but also a powerful demons that can destroy any human soul and put up a good fight. He can accomplish any task and kill anything or anyone. He takes a 1000 ways to die to a whole next level. With his Demonic Powers he can send anyone to the depths of Hell.
Sesshomaru is one of my favorite villains and the brother to Inuyasha. This demon is sure to put up a tough fight against a fellow demon. Please if you would like a detailed description, definitely check out @Kirik original card. He yields the Tenseiga and the Bakusaiga and has a whole bunch of tricks up his sleeve, for example: Poison claws, teleportation, his true form (Daiyokai), flight, and so much more.
Who will is the winner? You decide and your vote counts (: Please comment below and dont be afraid to defend your victor. Votings ends at 12:15 AM EST on 12/30/15 S/O to my fellow publishers! You're magnificent @Kirik @MadAndrea @TylerDurso @Danse @DaiGakuSei @VinMcCarthy
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Sebastian OMG yes yes yes !
SEBASTIAN ... sorry
sesshomaru is love, sesshomaru is life..