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What Anime character are you most like?
I think I am most like Lucifer from The Devil Is a Part-Timer because I am always hooked to the internet like him 馃槀
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@delaunross I see. That cleared my confusion a bit. hahaha. & I never even paid attention 2 the lack of female char in Naruto. But I suppose u do have a good point. Perhaps they should have evened out the number of boy & girl char a little bit more. Even if idc, some can think of it as a little offensive in a way. Tho of course, it is shounen... so they intended it 2 b more 4 boys in the 1st place. haha
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I'd have to say I'm like Natsu mess with my friends and family and your asking for a death wish.
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I think I'm more like shizune from Naruto because I'm quiet most of the time.
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I am if himouto umaru Chan and black star had a baby
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Mugen from Samurai Champloo
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