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well I would just say to post it in communities that actually are relevant to it. like manga and anime and illustration. you could even post full chapters of your work here so people can see it!
I really dig this manga you're making, dude! but please be careful about posting in irrelevant communities. like this belongs in anime, manga, illustration, but not in modern art or fine art, you know?
@VinMcCarthy haha yeah, I think I might just do that. Maybe just A few random pages though. That way it can attract people's attention so they could check it out on my website, thanks bro!
@VinMcCarthy hahah thanks so much bro, I'm glad you're digging this manga, soon Ima gonna convert this into a book, support me all the way if u want bro! And yeah man I realized.. A few of my art actually got banned because of that. I haven't done that in a while until now cause I was like fuck it lol but I should completely cut that out huh?