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Ahhh, okay! I want to know who else is obsessed with sports animes as I am?!?! Im starting this new collection where I'll put any sports anime reviews, new previews, updates, fanart, funny ships and hopefully looking into making a vote up for next month of the top 5 sports animes based on your votes so let me know what you think! if there any suggestions or if anyone would is interested. (: Comment below or message me c: What are your favorite sports animes? (: Frankly, I love them all! but I guess my top 3 would be Kuroko no Basuke, Haikyuu!, and Prince of Tennis!
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@ZeltzinCorona Awesome (: @MadAndrea well thats okay this can be a good opportunity for all of us to check out all of the sports animes but I mean I think what we can do is that we each make a card describing in small detail about a few sports animes and then one card can be listing the animes in the running and pics and they vote and the one with the least votes is out and then another card is made showing the others and so on til we have our 10 or top 5 (:
@Kirik Area no Kishi is good too and idk if anyone counts Hikaru no go as a sports anime but that is a good one as well. I love reading the manga for that one. Tsubasa is good but really sad too haha
@tbell2 , thanks!
@tbell2 I'm up for it! You're the leader so just tell me which to do and whenever you want to do it ^_^
okay cool yeah def well need to make a group chat and talk bout the schedule and im definitely up for hearing ideas