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I don't know if this may be the work of fake fans or really hateful people but you don't just photoshop a pic with jungkook's face and a funeral wreath, Seriously people what would exo would say if they would see this picture around and question the fandom? What if jungkook gets afraid or worried about this?! He's 19 for Christ's sake! I want to apologize to both Armys and EXO-LS for this but I know that everytime they would post something either on twitter, facebook, instagram or what ever fake fans or other fandom tend to bash on them like shit EVERYONE IS FUCKING HUMAN!!! (whew...I'm sorry about this rant but I have to get it off my chest)
Omg I can't believe this how can they do this imagine how he felt if he saw this or when he saw this 😥we should do a hashtag guys ❤️
@CreeTheOtaku I know your right it seems mostly the Asian ones are but its scary how they can form such thoughts over any idol group
@PrettieeEmm Not all exo fans are psychos just a few couple of people or fake fans here and there
You'd think A.R.M.Y.S would be the violent considering our name but dam EXO fans are fucking psycho.. This is why I refuse to truly enjoy them their fandom just pisses me off too much.. Seriously Kookie is baby they need to stop
If I were Exo I would be afraid of my fans and the group fan relationship is most important so that makes me sad@CreeTheOtaku
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