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So a lot of people are hearing about Jungkook and the Death threats by some/not all Exo fans, aka Exo-L's. (I myself am an Exo-L and an Army.) Many Armys are trying to stop the image from spreading, BUT some army are still spreading it by including the Image in their cards ranting or talking about the topic! Now, not everyone is doing so, but still Try to not include the image as it's best not to spread the image anymore. Thank you Armys and any Supportive Exo-L's.
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Well said! And the gif of Jackson is perfect!
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@jojojordy2324 Thanks. Jackson is 馃槏 Lol.
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agreed! and Jackson has it right...just relax. All this drama over two simple words.
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@Kieuseru Exactly. People should relax, besides there's news that people think Koreaboo made up that an Exo-L created the image.
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