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Brash, arrogant Park Mu-yeol (Lee Dong-wook) is the star player of the pro baseball team Red Dreamers, renowned for both his skill and his bad temper. Stubborn bodyguard-by-trade Yoo Eun-jae (Lee Si-young) hates him; she's a lifelong fan of the Blue Seagulls, the Red Dreamers' rival team. The two mortal enemies are suddenly thrown together by fate. A chance meeting during a drunken night of karaoke leads to a scuffle, which former judo athlete Eun-jae easily wins, flipping Mu-yeol on his back. The fight was captured on video however and soon erupts into a huge scandal, with Mu-yeol's reputation and Eun-jae's career as a bodyguard at stake. To fix things, their respective employers agree to assign Eun-jae to act as Mu-yeol's bodyguard. The mismatched pair are now around each other round the clock, and in the midst of constant battling and working to find each other's weak spots, they find out more about each other than they realized. EPISODES:16

Cutest Couple:

Manager Kim and Dong Ah are so adorable. Manager Kim gets nervous easily when he's around Dong Ah and they both are super nerds. They are so awkward yet cute. Manager Kim gets mad when she's hurt which is so cute to see. He's also very straight forward with Dong Ah. Dong Ah is so funny and tries her best to get him.
Moo Yeol and Eun Jae are so cute together. I just wish these two got together faster so I could see their relationship develop more. But there ends up being so many things going on before they had the chance. Park Moo Yeol was being stalked by someone so unexpected that I was completely shocked when I found out around episode 11 or 12. These two did share some cute moments though which made me really happy. Also I didn't like Moo Yeol's facial hair because it made him look scary and I just don't like facial hair on most guys unless it's Choi Siwon or Lee Pil Mo but then he shaved in episode 8 and I was like yes now your hot! He looks so sweet when he is clean shaved.

Overall Review:

This show is very underrated even though I thought it was really good beside that it needed more romance between the two main leads. It was funny, cute yet kind of creepy in some scenes because of the stalker. I enjoyed every second of Wild Romance because of so many reasons but those were only a few. I love the last episode so much because it made me anxious and I cried with Eun Jae. I love the OST's especially Painful by Dong Woo, it always made me cry. It hits you right in the feels.


9/10 - I love it, I just wanted more romance between the two main leads. If only the got together early I would've rated it higher. I definitely recommend it, unless you want something with more romance because this doesn't have enough to your liking. @kpopandkimchi @sherrysahar @IMNII @mistymaity @KpopQueenaBee @russelroche47 @JaxomB @cindystran @VeronicaArtino @hyunsaeng638 @Kamiamon @seouls @merryjayne13 @KellyOConnor @SeoInHan @luna1171 @Valerie816 @netchtiBates @humairaa @JamiMilsap @Priscilla @petname83 @sosoaloraine23 @thePinkPrincess
ooooh, I'm watching Oh My Venus right now but I'll put it on my list :-)
Great review!! I'll add it to my list!!! thanks for the tag!!
Great review! I remember watching this several years ago and like you said it would have been better if they two leads got together sooner! However, it wasn't bad. It's an unusual pairing but I think they're great.
I like this one too its funny
I this has been on my list to re-watch for like 3 months now. I liked it then. I think I may re-watch it today
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