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Wedding cakes can be as glamorous, creative, beautiful as you see fit! The trick is to partner with a cake artist that not only can bake incredibly delicious cakes, but has the artistic eye and skill to pull off extraordinary visual beauty in the cake as well.
This stunning two-tier cake by Floral Cakes by Jessica MV is a study in luminescent paint, opal finishes and sugar florals. Set on a humble wooden cake pedestal, the elaborate paint finish sets this cake into the stratosphere. The decoupage style fondant is reminiscent of Byzantine inlaid tile from centuries ago.
If you love art, edible florals and stunning beauty, definitely give this cake artist a shot at your wedding cake (or for any special occasion for that matter)!
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I love the cake
@marshalledgar I haven't seen it I'll check it out
Hey there @ZeltzinCorona and @xDaisyDaysx how are you both?! I am so glad you love this cake. It made me excited as soon as I saw it, which is why I was desperate to share it here on Vingle. Have you seen my Tier-Only Cake Collection? Take a look and follow if you love it:
Ahh cake!!!😁