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Story Time!!!!!! Now this story has TWO endings....One will be fluff and one will end with smut. I'll put a warning when the smut starts for anyone who's not comfortable. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!! >Part 1
Xiumin called your name for the fifth time. You kept your gaze on the novel you were reading and replied with, “Yes?” Xiumin stood behind your door with a small grin, thinking about you. “Are you done reading?” he asked. You flipped the page and tilted your head. “Almost." Xiumin sighed and grabbed the doorknob. He had been waiting for you to finish reading and come out of that room for the past hour. He was waiting to get in there and hold you close, since he was longing for that. “Can I come in?” he asked. “I’m not done yet, Xiumin. Five more minutes, please.” “I don’t want to wait five more minutes,” he muttered and twisted the doorknob, stepping inside. Xiumin was feeling incredibly needy at the moment, and the only thing he had in mind was a cuddle session. Once you saw him walk into the room, you put your book down and frowned at him. “Xiumin, I-“ Before you could say anything else, Xiumin threw his arms around you like a little kid and rested his head on your shoulder. “Jagiyah, let’s cuddle,” he whispered. You chuckled. “Is this why you wanted me to finish reading?” “Maybe.” Xiumin let go of you for just a moment and got on top of the bed, moving over to lean against the headboard. Once he was comfortable, he shot you a smile and patted the space beside him. You sighed and abandoned your book. You knew there was no way you would get any farther into the story. Instead, you occupied the vacant spot beside your boyfriend happily. “I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this,” Xiumin said as he slung his arm around you. You laughed and rested your head on his shoulder as your arms went around him as well. “You’re really impatient when you want something.” “Well if you were in my shoes, I’m sure you’d do the same thing.” “Is that so?” Xiumin faced you and playfully raised his eyebrow, poking your nose. “Yes, it is so.” He laughed and rested his forehead against yours. “Isn’t this so much better than reading a book?” “Maybe,” you admitted. In truth, this was much better than that lousy book. You didn’t even know why you wasted so much time on it when you could’ve been lying in bed with Xiumin the entire time. Xiumin pulled you even closer to him, not getting enough of the feeling of you being near. He had been longing for this for the past hour now, and he didn’t want it to end. If he could spend all day like this, he wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, it seemed pretty ideal to him. “How was practice today?” you asked, referring to the entire morning that Xiumin devoted to practicing with the boys for their comeback. “Tiring, as always.” Xiumin leaned down to kiss your forehead. “How was your day?” “Boring as always.” You absentmindedly reached out to stroke his arm, tracing his biceps. You always loved to do this whenever the two of you were close, and it seemed like Xiumin loved it just as much as you did. “But now it’s not boring anymore, right?” he asked. “Of course not.” Xiumin smiled and nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck. “If I had the chance to spend all day like this with you, you know I would. Gosh, I just wish I wasn’t so busy.” “It’s okay, I have you now.” “I know, but I wish I could have you all day. I miss our cuddling sessions at work.” You chuckled. “Then enjoy this time now while you still have it.” Xiumin sighed and realized you were right. He had been longing for this all day, so why shouldn’t he cherish it now? He placed his hand behind your head and moved closer to you so that your lips were centimeters away from his. “I love you....” he murmured. “I love you too, Xiumin.” You closed the gap between the two of you and gave Xiumin the second thing he had been longing for all day. <3 End
WARNING!!! THIS IS THE ALTERNATE ENDING FOR MY SMUT LOVERS!!!! “Yah let’s go to the movies huh?” You look at Xiumin with a curious look, “What’s the sudden interest?” You ask suspiciously. He doesn’t answer but instead just grabs your hand. Now Xiumin was normally well-behaved in social gatherings but tonight seemed to be different. Everything was going very well until your boyfriend decided he was bored. He started off by slowly moving his hand up and down your thigh, his fingers inching closer and closer to your womanhood every time. You grabbed his hand and told him to stop. “Stop that and watch the movie” you whispered, barely able to see him in the dark of the theatre. He behaved for a few seconds before getting right back to it. You couldn’t believe he was acting this way. You pushed his hand away again but you couldn’t keep a smile off your face. Seeing it was enough to convince him not to give up. Not bothering to waste time on the boring stuff this time, he reached into your lap and unbuttoned your pants quickly and effortlessly. You glared at him in the dark; glad no one could see what was going on due to the lack of light and tried to push his hand away again. You were just about to re-button your pants up when Xiumin’s hand slipped past yours and into your pants. His fingers immediately started working on your clit, stopping your complaints mid-whisper. Oh the things this boy could do with his hands. It wasn’t long before you could no longer get angry at him for this, it felt way too wonderful. Soon moans were threatening to escape your lips and expose you. You regretfully pulled his hand out of your pants while he smirked at you. “This is your fault you know that?” You get up and motion for him to follow you. He nodded, still smirking and followed you out of the dark room. As soon as you were out, you grabbed his hand and guided him to the girls’ bathroom which you entered first to make sure no one was there. Once the coast was cleared, you pulled him into the bathroom and locked the main door behind you. In a heartbeat he had you pinned against the wall, his hard body pressed against yours as he captured your lips in a passionate kiss. You were in the middle of a full makeout session by the time he pulled away. He placed a hand on your head and gently pushed down, causing you to get on your knees. He quickly started undoing his pants before you pushed his hands away and got to it yourself. You pulled his pants down to his ankles and marveled at the large bump threatening to pop out of his underwear any second. You pulled those down as well and licked his cock from bottom to tip before inserting it into your mouth. You had no time to waste so you got right to it. Moving your head quickly and expertly while swirling your tongue along his cock was enough to make him go wild in seconds. His fingers tangled into your hair as he struggled to keep quiet. He pulled himself out of your mouth and you got up quickly. Lust and the urgency was all you could see as you looked into his eyes. You unbuttoned your shorts quickly and pushed them off, doing the same with your underwear soon after. He grabbed your waist, using his strong arms to lift you up and push you against the wall. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he pushed himself inside you without waiting. The force of it was enough to make you moan loudly, which he quickly stopped with a kiss. He started thrusting inside you slowly but took up his pace quickly. Soon you were panting and moaning as he kissed and sucked your neck, biting slightly at your shoulders, marking you as his. It didn’t take long before you both reached your peak and his thrusts became sloppier and you came together, sharing this moment of pure bliss. He looked into your eyes lovingly while you removed your legs from around his waist and stood up. You both put your clothes on hastily and walked out of the bathroom hand in hand. You passed the lineup of girls waiting for the bathroom and stopped for popcorn and snacks, well aware of everyone’s judging stares. You were both much too happy at the moment to worry about such an insignificant thing.
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