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I made it home to Wisconsin for the holidays and the weather was... nice... yes... that's me in the blue coat... my sister took that one...
and yesterday I set out from Wisconsin and after many delays I landed in Detroit fully expecting to catch my flight to North Carolina... well that didn't happen. As soon as I got to my gate my flight was cancelled. .. all flights were canceled and I was given meager options for overnight hotels and new tickets taking me to Columbia and NYC.... so I stayed the night....
and now I'm in Tampa Florida... waiting for my late afternoon flight that will finally take me to North Carolina... sitting in the same clothes I wore for the last day and a half.... waking up using the meager supplies I gathered from the distressed passenger kit and random stores in airports....
Ugh I know the feeling. I've had to stay in so many airports overnight! Delays during the holiday season are the WORST. One time I spent a night in Denver because they overbooked my flight! Also, my family lives in Wisconsin too, and I went to visit them for the holidays too! though I was lucky and didn't have any delays. what airport did you fly into?
I went through Milwaukee lol if I just had earlier flight times I might have been ok. Haha small world.